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The City of Hagerstown promotes and facilitates bicycling as a safe, convenient and comfortable mode of transportation and recreation in Hagerstown. We continue to develop ways to integrate bicycles into our existing infrastructure to improve bike riding safety and create a multi-modal transportation system.

Hagerstown has great potential to be a City where many people ride bicycles everyday – for both commuting and recreation purposes.  There is a high level of residential development within two to three miles of the City Center business and commercial district that could be served by a safe bicycle network.  Bicycle traffic is usually generated where residential areas are close to accessible destinations. In addition, accommodating additional population growth means more automobiles and the need for additional parking. Providing a safe and effective bicycle transportation system can help reduce the number of vehicles on streets and the need for more parking.

Nationwide there is a strong movement toward developing urban bike routes, and dozens of urban areas have prepared and implemented Bicycle Master Plans. Americans are realizing that travel by bike has several benefits, including:
  1. Health and exercise 
  2. Environmental considerations 
  3. Enjoyment and recreation

Of course, urban bicycling does come with its own set of challenges. Watch this video for advice on how to ride safely on public streets:

The Maryland State Highway Administration has prepared a Tips for Safe Bicycling brochure, and you may also view a video titled "Competence & Confidence:  a Bicycling Guide for Adults".

Interested in joining a group ride? A group of riders meets at Hub City Cycles at the corner of Franklin and Prospect Streets every Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. to ride the Hub City Bike Loop. For more information, contact Hub City Cycles at (301) 797-9877.

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Bicycle Master Plan (BMP)
The BMP seeks to make Hagerstown bicycle friendly and promote bicycling by constructing a comprehensive network of bike lanes and routes.  The BMP comprehensively evaluates the City and provides recommendations for an extensive bike network.  This plan also emphasizes safety, education, and encouragement programs as key components of success.

The staff of the City of Hagerstown wishes to thank the dozens and dozens of people who reviewed and offered constructive comments on the draft plan.  These comments were reviewed and, as appropriate, embedded in the final Bicycle Master Plan document. The final plan is available here for your review, use and sharing with others. The City Council endorsed the plan in March 2010.  Please call the Department of Parks & Engineering at (301)739-8577 ext. 125 if you have any questions, or email the City Engineer Rodney Tissue

Master Bicycle Plan Final (pdf)

Appendices A and B (pdf)

Appendix C - Available upon request

MDOT Bike Ped Plan

Maryland Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan
On January 15, 2014, the Maryland Department of Transportation published the "Maryland Twenty-Year Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan", which establishes a long range vision to support bicycling and walking as modes of transportation for Maryland residents.  The goal of the plan is to provide guidance to promote bicycling and walking as elements of the State's multi-modal transportation network.  The plan and its appendices can be accessed through the link above.

Hub City Bicycle Network Route Map
Hub City Bike Loop sign
The Second Edition of the Hub City Bicycle Network Route Map is now available. You can click here to download or obtain copies from the City.  This map has received wide acclaim as being a helpful and easy to follow map of the bike routes, bike lanes, multi-use paths, and other suggested bike-friendly routes in the City.  The map shows points of interest and the more than 15 bike racks at public locations thorough out the city, including many in the City Center, at City Parks and public gathering places.

The map also shows the “Hub City Bike Loop”, a signed 10-mile loop around the City. The Loop starts and ends in Fairgrounds Park and utilizes both on-street bike lanes and multi-use paths.  The loop connects beautiful neighborhoods, City parks, and points of interest as it traverses counterclockwise around the City.  In May of each year, several organized rides of the loop occur including the “Ride of Silence” and Saturday morning rides that start and end at Hub City Cycles on North Prospect Street.

Take a look at the route from a bicycle:

“Bicycle Friendly” Recognition:

In the fall of 2011, 2012, and again in 2013, the City of Hagerstown was honored with by the League of American Bicyclists with their “Bicycle Friendly Community---Honorable Mention” status. Considering the City had absolutely no bike facilities or plan as recently as 2009, we have come a long way in a short period of time and are honored by this recognition.

Bicycle Advisory Committee:
The City has a very active Bicycle Advisory Committee, comprised of six citizen members who help organize the City’s bicycle related activities and advise City staff. Among other issues, the Committee focuses on the following: 
  • National Bicycle Month (May) Activities 
  • Washington County City Center criterium race in mid June 
  • Increasing bike lanes and paths in the City 
  • Seeking grants and maintaining State and Federal contacts
  • Bicycle safety and education
  • Liaison with local bike clubs
  • Advocate for all bicycling-related issues

Civil War Railroad Trail:
The City endorses the planned “Civil War Railroad Trail” that would begin in Hagerstown and continue 23.4 miles to the Weverton area of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal.  In partnership with Washington County and the State of Maryland, this long term project would be an economic, recreational, and transportation asset to the community. The City Council endorsed the plan in February 2012. Click here to read a fact sheet of the proposed trail, or visit the Civil War Trail Facebook Page. Bike Month Schedule of Events May is Bike Month!